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In an era of social unrest, divisiveness and polarization, sports often serves as the panacea – a bridge to calm fears, create smiles and pull for the good guys.

It can be heroic, courageous and brave, much like the history of Atlanta, one of North America’s great cities.

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Why Brave?
A Salute

The name is unifying and inclusive.

Let’s salute not only our Native Americans, but all the brave men and women who have showed incredible courage and bravery to make Atlanta a city unlike any other when it comes to tackling difficult problems of social, racial, health and economic unrest.

What a poignant statement should the Braves, in addition to their Hall of Fame, create a Wall of Fame to salute and recognize the bravery of leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lewis, Ralph David Abernathy, Andrew Young, Joseph Lowery, Ivan Allen, Coretta Scott King, Jimmy Carter, Billy Payne, Xernona Clayton, Ted Turner, Herman Russell, Hank Aaron, Ivan Allen and others who have made this city unlike any other city in the world.

By including the Native Americans in the new branding, the team can actually raise the profile of America’s Indians by saluting key individuals who have exhibited courage, bravery and progress for the Indian nation.

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Brave Fans React to AJC's
 "Home of the Braves"

Most excellent response!  While I, too, support the current name, dropping the “s” is genius and the PR would be awesome …. red, yellow, black and white!

- Bo Prosser



-Carol Fogle


Thank you for sharing this – I love the idea … the right thing to do …. go get ‘em.

-Cindy Sisson


I think your recommendations to solving the issue of the Braves’ name being offensive is brilliant.  It is an elegant solution and I hope the organization sees it that way.  It’s time to do away with perpetual titles and stereotypes that can be considered offensive to people.

- Bill Lester

Why Brave?

By continuing to honor the Native Americans, the team is not taking anything away from them.  It is actually adding to their honor and recognizing them as part of a homogeneous group of brave men and women who have shaped the region and America.

Things have to change.  We need to end divisiveness and bring back courage, bravery and dignity. We are in a turbulent time.  There is a lot of dissention, lack of cooperation, loss of dignity, loss of humanity.

By dropping one small letter (“s”), the Braves have the opportunity to put the City of Atlanta on its back and say enough is enough.  We are not only champions on the field, but we are going to show how we can be champions off the field as well.

It would allow the team to be held up by Major League Baseball as the model franchise for how to face social, political and racial unrest.

Home: Why Brave?
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If you would like to add your name to those who would support dropping the “s” from Braves to BRAVE, please comment your thoughts below!

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